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At Middleware Inc. (Mi) we provide advanced middleware and systems integration products and services, alongside bespoke and managed solutions. So your systems Connect, Communicate, and Integrate. And all of this is powered by experts who are passionate about middleware.

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→   Enterprise cloud automation and migration

→   Middleware implementation support

→   SIEM for cloud and beyond

→   Hosting and Managed middleware Service

→   Open Source Management service

→   Recruitment and Selection




“Middleware Experts did a great job and I would highly recommend them. They provided great service to our clients and represented us well ”

-IT Director, T-Systems

“Outstanding project delivery with importance to details. Best blend of technology, business and management skills. Excellent team and had clear great project vision” 

– IT Director, SME Solutions, Implementation partner

“Always stayed on top of projects and has delivered with care and on time”

– IT Director, SME Solutions, Implementation partner



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Mi Products:

– What Does Mi Products Do For You?

  • Cloud Implementation products- accelerates cloud migration.
  • Mobile Products- accelerate your mobile applications development Infra products.
  • Cloud SaaS products- support your business anywhere.

– Why Our Product?

  • Built for 100% IT professional work needs.
  • Provides “Out of the Box” modules ready to use for IT pros. Devops, pwd manager,know how db- list as sop.
  • Easy to configure and customize to fit your need.

– Who Is It For?

  • IT Leadership team –leads, managers and directors.
  • IT support and development engineers.Middleware and non middleware implementation team.
  • Leadership, Project management and engineering team.
  • Production support team.


Find out how you can get more from your Middleware:

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  • System Integration Services

    System integration is required to build and link diverse systems for various organizational functions, often to interface large legacy systems on mainframes with more recent desktop computing environments.

  • Pre-Built Solutions

    • Middleware On Cloud Package
    • Open Source SSO Module
    • Open Source Integration Module.
  • Services

    • Custom Implementation
    • 24/7/365 Production Support
    • All kinds of Middleware Work

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