Middleware Inc, is an IT services and solutions company that provides resources, out of box solutions and products for Middleware and other customers. We specialize in a wide range of integration, cloud and SSO technologies that are both vendor and open source based. We cater to the needs of our customers’ requirements and satisfaction. With our customer focused services and products, we allow our customers to achieve great success in their integration implementations.We Middleware Inc, are well established consulting organization specializing Oracle Middleware, Mulesoft, IBM, TIBCO, Webmethods, Java J2EE and functions like development, Setup, integration and maintenance. We are specialized in cutting edge technologies like Cloud Automation, Migrations and Mobile Integrations. To cater the need of our customers requirements and satisfaction, We assist our customers with the inception of the project, right up to production support.



Mi is well-established in the middleware and software integration industry. We have delivered products and services to businesses, small and large, globally since 2007. We strive to be a leader in the global IT services industry, working with a wide range of middleware, alongside providing software integration and package application services.

At Mi we match middleware to the client’s unique needs and requirements. Via our portfolio of middleware solutions we can integrate a wide combination of platforms. Most importantly, it’s all backed by our consultancy, managed services, and passionate support.

We are proud of our pre-packaged software solutions that help make your integration journey as smooth as possible.

Mi360: Enterprise cloud automation and migration product

Mi20:    Middleware implementation tool with prebuild solutions

Mi10:     Agentless AI based SIEM for cloud and beyond




Cloud & Middleware:  

→ Platform and Management, Ansible, docker, automation, openstack

→ Open source Products, Camel, Mule, openAM, OpenDJ, Liferay, cassandara, hadoop.

→ Vendor based Products, Oracle, IBM, Tibco, Webmethods, etc..


Enterprise Solution: 

                    → Enterprise Architecture

                    → PMO

                    → Software Development



We offer services to all IT sectors of the following industries:

→ Health and life science

→ Automobile industries

→ Tele communication



Our Achievements: 

  • Build many integration interfaces with oracle fusion and open source Mule middleware products
  • Provided 24/7 Support of middleware platform for all US,Euro and APAC regions
  • Lead and managed offshore team to deliver successful middleware implementations
  • Supported Middleware environments on 24/7
  • Our load balancer team, network team to design and provision middleware on cloud
  • Virtualization team build a successful server migration process to move all our on-prime servers to cloud providers.
  • Standardized naming for cloud implementations for various regional hosts and end points
  • Designed hipa compliance secured HA environment for middleware environment.
  • Implemented high performance solutions leveraging F5 vip, dns,ssl and encryption
  • Designed and implemented solutions which are both vertically and horizontally scalable and also a better performing for  all types transcation flows, asynch, synch and batch transaction types
  • Active directory integration of Oracle and Mule Middleware platform.





Mission Statement


At Middleware Inc (MI), we strive to be leader in the global IT services industry, by providing world-class Services for Middleware Products, Software integration and Package Application Services.




Our vision is to make the world a prosperous and productive place for everyone by providing quality information.


Goals and Objectives


At MI, we believe satisfied customers are our assets and the foundation for our growth. Our goals are to provide a fast response, informed expertise and consistently high quality solutions at a low cost to our customers. Our growth depends on our satisfied customers who give us a stable retainer base. They generate publicity for MI to grow into a world leader in global IT services.


Business Philosophy


By providing an environment of pride, happiness, leadership, health, innovation, freedom, and community growth, everyone performs to their full potential.