Mi offers 3 automation products, specifically designed by our middleware experts to improve your integration experience.

Mi360: Enterprise Cloud automation and migration product

Mi20:    Middleware on cloud.

Mi10:     Agentless AI based SIEM for cloud and beyond.

Mi360 is designed for cloud implementations. It accelerates the migration of existing software, systems and data to the cloud by up to 30%. Mi360 helps you to evaluate, determine and plan the best technology deployment for your business needs.

Mi10 keeps your middleware environment up and running without any unplanned outages. It offers a single console for monitoring your physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. Mi10 ensures high uptime and peak performance of your cloud resources.

Mi20 is an SaaS based product providing support for cloud based middleware platforms and applications. It offers a range of customizable modules, so you can build your middleware layer in the shortest possible time, at the lowest cost.

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What Does Mi Do For You?
  • Cloud Implementation products- accelerates cloud migration.
  • Mobile Products- accelerate your mobile applications development Infra products.
  • Cloud SaaS products- support your business anywhere.

Why Our Product?
  • Build for 100% unique to the specific purpose. Not a one size fit all.
  • Provides out of box modules, ready to implement.
  • Easy to configure and customize to fit your need.
Who Is It For?
  • New and existing cloud implementation Team.
  • Mobile device users, laptop, smartphones, tablets (ipads), etc..
  • Middleware and non middleware implementation team.
  • Leadership, Project management and engineering team.
  • Production support team.


“Middleware Experts did a great job and I would highly recommend them. They provided great service to our clients and represented us well ”

-IT Director, T-Systems

“Outstanding project delivery with importance to details. Best blend of technology, business and management skills. Excellent team and had clear great project vision” 

– IT Director, SME Solutions, Implementation partner

“Always stayed on top of projects and has delivered with care and on time”

– IT Director, SME Solutions, Implementation partner






More on Mi10: – agentless AI based SIEM for cloud and beyond.

This tool helps middleware environment to be up and running without any un planned outage. This tools works for both cloun and on-prime implementations. This tool can be defined as hybrid of many popular noc and devops support products but customized to middleware environment. You can find noc and devops features you normally find in products liks apica webperformance tool, appdynamics, solar winds,appdynamics, loggly, splunk, trextel tailored to middlware environment.

Mi10 benefits:

  • A single console for monitoring your physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure.
  • Monitor applications hosted in the cloud as well as inside your corporate data center.
  • Ensure high uptime and peak performance of your Amazon cloud resources.

 Mi10 features:

  • 24/7 Synthetic Performance Monitoring simulates customer interactions and user flows
  • Real Browser Monitoring: Chrome, Firefox, IE
  • Full iOS & Android Support

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Mi10- Installation:



More on Mi360:

Go cloud migration tool (MI360 , saves 30% on cloud migration)

Our product walks you thru simple proven easy steps to understand your cloud migration or new implementations needs and help you evaluate, determine and plan the best technology deployment to meet your business needs. As an independent provider, our team closely works with your organization’s IT people to help develop a comprehensive cloud strategy that fits the best with your IT infrastructure and business environment.

Benefits of Mi360 :

  • Staged road map
  • Specialized-skills & simplified process
  • Freedom of cloud customization
  • Cost-saving solution-package
  • Accelerate application deployment
  • Provision a new environment in the time it takes to get a cup of coffee
  • Dynamically manage workloads to meet fluctuating business demands
  • Control public and private cloud resources through a single, unified system

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More on Mi20:

This product has various modules which can be customized easily to build your middleware layer with shortest possible time at lowest cost. How easy it will be to build a home if you have pre-built bedroom,kitchen and living room which can be customized to our need. Customers that need resilient infrastructure and the ability to scale up to large databases with many users will gain the most benefit from this product.

Here’s a list of middleware vendors and products this product support:

  • IBM WebSphere MQ
  • MS Office SharePoint
  • Oracle WebLogic Integration Server

Pre-Built Solutions:

  • Middleware On Cloud Package
  • Open Source SSO Module
  • Open Source Integration Module
  • Middleware Disaster Recovery Tool
  • Backup And Recovery Module
  • Oracle SSO Package
  • Tuning
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