Managed Services

Mi Managed Services let you exploit the power of middleware. You can meet your strategic business goals without the challenges, expense, and time of managing your middleware yourself. And by tapping into our expertise, you get more from your middleware.

For your IT assets, we provide a range of managed services which can be bundled into a bespoke package.

  • Systems monitoring and uptime management
  • Performance management and fault management
  • Resource management and patch management
  • Backup and recovery management
  • Security management and space management
  • Technical support management and on request activities
  • Documents and reports
  • Unlimited service desk
  • Unlimited help desk


(Hosting and Managed Middleware Services)

A service designed for 24/7 support for Integration layers, ERP and business intelligence.

Mi HMS includes:

  • Application Hosting
  • Co-Lo Hosting
  • Application Management Services (AMS)
  • Mi360 Methodology
  • Metrics/Monitoring
  • Oracle Application Upgrade Lab
  • Governance
  • Transition Management
  • Maturity Health Assessments


(Open Source Managed service)

Mi OMS is an End to End implementation and support service for a variety of Open Source products including: Mule, Camel and OpenDJ.

Mi OMS includes:

  • Analysis of the security, operational and legal risk associated with Open Source products
  • Essential information regarding software assets, compliance and governance processes
  • Software audits to support M&A technical due diligence
  • Reviews of internal code
  • Code quality audits

Professional Services

We provide infrastructure and application environment planning, administration and monitoring service for middleware and beyond.

Technologies we support

  • Operation management
  • Health check
  • Upgrading migration
  • Performance optimization
  • Performance management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Installation & configuration.

” I have always received great service from the Middleware Inc. Timing and quality have always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner.”
-Lisa, Kareem, Sr.Manager of product, UBS.

” We consider the Middleware Inc team a development partner who has proven to be creative in problem resolution, reliable in time commitments, and overall consistent in meeting our expectations. ”
-John, Smith

” The work was above and beyond what I could have expected. Great job!”
-Steve, VP Engineering, Abc corp

” I LOVE your products, support (which I have tested and how updated your tools are (many tools just do not get updated fast enough – I appreciate the turn around time and urgency you provide. I am probably one of your BIGGEST fans…:-”
-Chris, Engineering, Devops inc

Professional Services:

With innovation moving at a rapid pace, and technology changing constantly, our consultants are here to help you improve your infrastructure through middleware and systems integration. We listen to your ambitions, and challenges, immerse ourselves in your current architecture, and offer solutions that will be reliable, effective, and simple to administer.

Systems Integration:

Mi offers a range of services to support your system integration projects including:

  • Custom Implementation
  • 24/7 Production Support

Development and Customizations:

Need help getting the most out of your middleware? As specialists in middleware, we can design and develop a bespoke solution suited to your businesses individual needs, or customize your existing implementation.

Cloud and Mobile:

IT integration is about more than legacy systems. Businesses now need to work in the cloud and deliver mobile solutions. Mi can help you make this crucial transition cost effectively and efficiently.

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